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Providers of Cloud Based Shared Service Solutions

For over 25 years Tricostar have been bringing innovative technology solutions to the market to reduce costs, increase revenue and make more efficient use of resources.



Whether it’s Project Management, Training, Consultancy or ensuring that you are ISO 27001 proficient, Tricostar can help.



We operate across a wide range of sectors including UK Government, Legal Services, IT
and Property Management.

Welcome To Tricostar

Tricostar and its consultants have been bringing innovative technology solutions to the public and private sectors to reduce their costs, increase revenue and make more efficient use of precious resources, since 1988.

Our clients can point to real savings from six to seven figures as a result of the intelligent application of our product set.

Our flagship solution, Timebase, is currently implemented in over 50 UK local authority departments and in areas such as Legal Services, ICT Services, Procurement and many more. Many of these are being used as a Shared Service.

Our products are 100% developed for the web (not just an old application that has been web enabled!) and they can be part of a Shared Service Environment either in-house or Hosted by Tricostar. Many of our solutions integrate with one another to work seamlessly together.

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